viernes, 22 de noviembre de 2013

Tardis 50th Aniversary Tribute

Tribute to Doctor Who 50Th aniversary

Tardis Model inspired on the Googledoodle celebrating this date

viernes, 11 de octubre de 2013

Dinner time Kaiju

Not bad for 1 hour 15 minutes of work,based on the designs of Guy Davis Pacific Rim

miércoles, 8 de mayo de 2013

viernes, 19 de abril de 2013


almost finished

lunes, 1 de abril de 2013

Face Anatomy WIP

Facial Anatomy study Wip 

martes, 12 de marzo de 2013

Ice King WIP #2

I'm still working on the ice king

miércoles, 6 de marzo de 2013

Speed Material & Texture Test -Shipwreck-

Ddo textures Test in udk

all textures variations of containers took me less than 35 minutes using Ddo

( Don't pay much attention to the Water Shader )

Ice Material Test UDK

ice ice baby...

martes, 12 de febrero de 2013

Lunch Time Project WIP

New Lunch Time Porject

jueves, 7 de febrero de 2013

miércoles, 6 de febrero de 2013

Mignolas Style Modular Rock

what do you think, if it looks like a Mike Mignola style Rock?

Shoot to the head

Saw Boss

Saw Boss Speed Sculture

old sculptures

speed sculptures i did quite some time